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Pixel Plus: Event tracking + Pixel Catalogue


The most complete module to track all Facebook Events (+8), create a catalogue, use dynamic ads, tag products on Instagram, fill the shop tab on Facebook...

It also improves SEO by fixing invalid Schema and Open Graph structures!

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With nearly 5000 downloads and almost a perfect score, Pixel Plus is the best option available if you want a reliable module to track your Facebook events and to create a Pixel event based product catalogue.

In short, Pixel Plus allows you to:

Track all Facebook Events: PageView, ViewContent, AddToCart, AddToWishlist, ViewCategory, InitiateCheckout, CompleteRegistration and Purchase.

Create a Pixel event based Catalogue: and use it to tag products on Instagram, fill your Facebook Shop tab and even use Dynamic Ads. 

Dynamic Ads is a feature combining the Pixel events and the product catalogue which allows you to use advanced remarketing and create customised ads for each of your visitors. 

Bonus: It also fixes invalid Schema and Open Graph microdata. This greatly improves page SEO and shared content quality (Facebook or WhatsApp shared content will have better images and content that fits the product).

How events are tracked

Pixel Plus allows you to track multiple types of events. Tracking for each event can be enabled or disabled individually in the module’s configuration page.

The events are divided into two categories, depending on the activation time and its value:

Static Events: Events triggered upon loading the page like ViewContent

Dynamic Events: Events triggered after a certain action, for example AddToCart

Events with Dynamic values: Events whose value depends on the product/s, like AddToCart

Events with a fixed value: Events where you set the value of a certain action and that can be changed anytime, like CompleteRegistration

Having the information about what actions a user made on your website can help you improve the ROI (Return on Investment) of your ads by promoting the most effective and reviewing the ones that did not convert enough.

Purchase Event: 3-layer protection to avoid duplicates

Pixel Plus handles purchases like no other module, boasting 3 layers of security to avoid event duplication. This prevents the module from incorrectly displaying an increased number of sales.

Catalogue Creation & SEO Improvement

Pixel Plus also can help you to create a basic product catalogue based on Pixel events. To improve the catalogue quality, the Pixel Helper checks your theme and adds the missing microdata in order to create a better catalogue.

Once you have your product catalogue on Facebook, you can use it in various ways:

Tag products on Instagram

Tag products on Facebook

Fill the Shop tab on Facebook

Create Product Ads

Create Dynamic Ads*

Note that the catalogue created from Pixel events is limited and it only contains the products that someone has visited on your site. This means that initially you may have to wait a bit until the catalogue is fully created. If you want an instant catalogue with higher quality and that is fully automatised, we recommend you use our module Products Feed or purchase our bundle containing the Pixel Plus and the Products Feed at an attractive discount in the next linkDynamics Ads: All Events + Products Feeds. Scroll down to the end of this page to see the offer.

How Dynamic Ads work

Dynamic Ads are based on customer behaviour on your site: by tracking events, Facebook can tell you what products your customers are interested in, and can therefore create customised ads for each of them. This is possible thanks to the Pixel Plus event tracking and the Pixel event based catalogue. Using them together you will be able to use Dynamic Ads. This special kind of ad uses a marketing technique called retargeting.

Imagine that a potential customer sees a product on your site and adds it to their cart, but doesn’t complete the purchase. You can use Dynamic Ads to display ads for the product on Facebook and Instagram automatically. This way, your customer will be more likely to purchase the goods from you.


Easy to Install

You just need to fill in your Pixel ID to make it work

Track all events

With this module you can track almost all new events for the Facebook's Pixel.

ViewContent ✔ 

AddToCart ✔

AddToWishlist ✔

InitiateCheckout ✔

AddPaymentInfo ✔

Purchase ✔

CompleteRegistration ✔

DPA (Dynamic Product Ads) ✔

Keypages: Track home page, contact or any CMS pages ✔

Easy to configure

Now you just need to activate / deactivate the features you want to track.

Automatic Catalogue Creation

Create the product catalogue effortlessly. Just create the catalogue on Facebook and use Pixel events as the product source.

SEO - Automatic Micro Data Fix

It fixes the Schema and Open Graph microdata to be able to create the products from the catalogue, and also:

Improves SEO on Google: better product structure means better visibility in search results. This improves the click-through rate and therefore your page’s position on Google

Improves shared content on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp... by displaying better images, title, description...

Improve your ROI

It's not just about tracking conversions, it's about knowing what the money you’ve invested makes customers do! Get to know what actions your ads have triggered, discover the most efficient ones and keep improving your results.

Custom Audiences

Create Audiences and Lookalike audiences to do some basic retargeting for your visitors or customers (by exporting a client CSV file).

Dynamic Product Ads feature

Advanced retargeting at your fingertips. Create the Pixel based catalogue and configure the Product Catalogue ID to use this feature.

Test the Pixel

Test the events output from the BO. Don’t wait until an action is made to make Facebook validate the Pixel.

Other Features

Easy to use and Install

No coding skills needed

Just copy and paste ’your Pixel ID’

Custom audiences automatically created

Works with any theme

Automatic currency detection

Support for Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)

Support for multiple DPA catalogues


Customers will see more relevant ads thanks to event tracking.

Customers will be more likely to buy your products thanks to the retargeting from Dynamic Ads.

You will be able to tag products on Facebook and Instagram and your customers will be able to easily access and purchase your products by clicking on the image’s tag.

Catalogue will be automatically updated for each visitor.


Get your Pixel ID

Go to the Facebook Ads Manager Pixels Menu


In the centre you will see your Pixel ID (a long number). Copy it.

Go to the module configuration page, enter the Pixel ID and save.

Get the Product Catalogue ID

Go to the Facebook Ads Manager Catalogues menu


Select your catalogue. 

Once the catalogue options load, click on Configuration (the last item in the menu)

Under the catalogue name you will see the Catalogue ID (a long number). Copy it

Paste it into the module catalogues section.


Cache modules

Cache modules can output false positives for some events like purchases. The module has a 3-layer security check to avoid them, but you must be sure all module hooks are configured as dynamic to avoid issues. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Product Feeds Module

If you want a professional catalogue with premium features like multiple images, excluding options, product special fields, multishop, multiple languages, multiple countries... we do recommend you use our module Products Feed.

Take advantage of our pack that includes both modules. You will find it at the end of this page or at this URL: Dynamic Ads: All Events + Product Feeds

Where can I see the event results on my ads?

By default, Facebook only displays the Purchase event, but you can display much more data in the campaign statistics. You can display almost any tracked event the module has. This way it is much easier to optimise your conversion and decide which ads are productive and which aren’t.

While viewing ads statistics, you will find the button labelled "Columns" on the right. Click it and then go to “Select Columns...” Once you open the dialogue box, scroll down until you find the Pixel events. Select the ones you want to show and save.

If you want to always have those columns on, click "Columns" again and then set as default.

How to check the events:

There are two ways to check the events:

Use the Pixel Helper for Google Chrome to check the Pixels


Install it and open your site. Remember to disable your AdBlocker if you use one and try the events.

Remember that some events are dynamic. This means you won’t see them activated unless a certain action is taken.

Event Debugger

Another option is to use Facebook’s event debugger. To use it, you need to go to Facebook Ads Manager > Pixels > Details > Test Events.

Then, in a separate tab, navigate through your page and perform some actions. Once you’ve finished, return to the Facebook tab and check all the events information you’ve just been sent!


Product Feeds Module

If you want a professional catalogue with premium features like multiple images, excluding options, product special fields, multishop, multiple languages, multiple countries... we do recommend you use our module Products Feed.

Take advantage of our pack that includes both modules. You will find it at the end of this page or at this URL: Dynamic Ads: All Events + Product Feeds

One Page Checkout modules

Pixel Plus is compatible with the 3 most popular One Page Checkout Modules.

One Page Checkout PS

One Page Checkout by Knowband

One Page Checkout for PrestaShop


If you have any doubts before purchasing the module, during installation or about how to use the module, contact us anytime, we will be glad to help you!


Fast support on installation and configuration (Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00 GMT+1)

Contact us through the link in the Developer tab on the top of this page


If you like the module and you want to encourage us to keep adding amazing features, rate it and help other customers. 


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