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Facebook Pixel + Dynamic Retargeting
  • Facebook Pixel + Dynamic Retargeting
  • Facebook Pixel + Dynamic Retargeting
  • Facebook Pixel + Dynamic Retargeting
  • Facebook Pixel + Dynamic Retargeting
  • Facebook Pixel + Dynamic Retargeting
  • Facebook Pixel + Dynamic Retargeting
  • Facebook Pixel + Dynamic Retargeting
  • Facebook Pixel + Dynamic Retargeting
  • Facebook Pixel + Dynamic Retargeting
  • Facebook Pixel + Dynamic Retargeting

Facebook Pixel + Dynamic Retargeting

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All-in-one! Make the most of our two best modules. With this package you can track Facebook events completely and Export the product catalogue for Dynamic Product Ads.

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This pack contains


This package is a combination of two of our best selling modules.
Make the most of your Facebook campaigns (ads) by tracking all conversions and events, and by creating successful Dynamic Product Ads campaigns.

Facebook Conversion Tracking Pixel Plus

An easy to implement and fully featured module to track almost all Facebook events.
- PageView
- ViewContent
- AddtoCart
- AddToWishlist
- InitiateCheckout
- AddPaymentInfo
- Custom Page Tracking (like CMS, contact info...)
You will be able to export your customers and newsletter users for Email Custom Audiences.

Facebook Products Feed for Dynamic Ads

A fast, well documented and reliable module to export all your products to Facebook.
This module contains a simple but powerful configuration page where you can set up the parameters to generate the Product feed just like Facebook requests.
In case an error occurs generating the feed, an error report will show (containing suggestions that will help you to fix the problem) with a direct link to the product edit page.
There are also several special options for an easier export of your products to Facebook, like a bypass for the products without identifier, MPN or brand. It also generates feeds by cycles or selects the desired image size.
Finally, this module is supported by Google Product Taxonomies. This leads to a greater effectiveness of your Facebook ads.
Once the module is configured you can set a CronJob. You will never have to worry about feed generation again.


- Easy to configure modules. To make it work you only need to get the Pixel ID from Facebook and the Catalogue ID’s (one per language / web shop)
- Tracks almost all Facebook Events + Category
- You can create both Custom Audiences (web traffic and email list)
- Events to track easily enabled / disabled
- Custom page tracking (contact info, CMS pages...)
- Customizable options for Feeds export
- Well documented
- Fast and reliable support


Customers will see more relevant and attractive ads. Better brand awareness and sales improvement and on less publicity costs.


Installation for both modules is fast and easy. Just follow these steps.
First of all, I recommend moving your ad account to Business Manager, since you will need it to create the Product Catalogues. Two ad accounts create too much confusion.
Enter http://business.facebook.com and follow the instructions. It’s really easy.

Pixel Plus

First, go to the top menu in Facebook Business Manager and select Pixels:
- If you already have a Pixel you will find the ID on the right side of the screen.
- If you don't have a pixel a wizard will guide you step by step. Once created you will only need the number (pixel ID)
Now copy the ID and paste it to the Pixel Plus configuration page.
Select the events you want to track. You can leave them all activated if you want, since you will have more flexible options for ads and for optimization in the near future.
Add any custom page you want or need to track.

Facebook Product Feed Generator

1 Creating the Product Catalogues
Go to Business Manager. And repeat these steps for every shop and language you want to use.
1.1 Create a product catalogue
1.2 In “Configuration” select recurrent update
1.3 Go to the module configuration screen. There you will find the URL for each Feed. Select and copy the one you need.
1.4 Paste it in the Feed configuration URL.
1.5 Select the hour you want to do the uploads. I recommend you choosing an hour when there is little traffic, like 1:00 am or 2:00am.
1.6 Save
1.7 Now look for the Product Catalogue ID you can find at the top of the screen. Copy and paste it in the module box.
Repeat those steps for every web shop and language.
2 Images
If you select a new image format, like fpf_image (1200x600) you will need to regenerate the thumbnails. Just follow these steps:
2.1 Go to Preferences > Images. Scroll down until you find “Regenerate Thumbnails”.
2.2 Select “Product” and then fpf_image.
2.3 Select “No” to delete previous images
2.4 Click on “Generate”. (this may take a while depending on your product catalogue size)
2.5 If you have a large image database the script may end before all images are regenerated. In that case just repeat the steps mentioned above.
3 Generating the Product Feeds for the first time
The module has a button to manually generate the feed. The first time we recommend you to generate this manually, since it will allow you to see the errors report and fix these, if necessary.
If a product has an error it will be skipped, but the catalogue will still be generated.
4 Setting the Cron job
The CronJob is a periodically executed task by the server. After setting the CronJob the Product catalogue will be updated automatically. In the module you will find detailed instructions on how to configure it.
Don't worry! It isn't hard at all.
In case of doubts or difficulties during the installation and configuration process, please contact me.


Install the Pixel Helper for Google Chrome:

With Pixel Helper you can debug and see what information are sending both modules.
Note that dynamic events, events that require an action to be executed like addToCart and addToWishlist, initiateCheckout…, will remain inactive until the event is triggered.


Suggestions appreciated

We always appreciate suggestions and Feedback. New functionalities, features... anything you can come up with is welcome.

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